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Tales at Charles Dickens Fair, All in a Day

For anybody that does not know The Great Dicken’s Christmas Fair is in San Francisco once a year somewhere between, or if you like betwixt, Thanksgiving and Christmas and is based on Mr Dicken’s writings as the pages come alive in London during Queen Victoria’s reign. How did the day start? As I was having […]

The Chant

Creative, honest, hardworking, detail oriented, thinks outside the norm…. I watched as my now cliché terms were rattled off in order as I would say them, just before my interview with the recruiter. Incidentally, Google says these terms should never be used unless you can back them up and most recruiters agree.  The interviewee did […]

Specifically speaking on Specifics

Specifics: “Be specific” Father would say. “Be clear in what you are asking for. Don’t interrupt when people are speaking”.  Let me interrupt that thought for minute, if individuals are a living run on sentence and don’t allow for interaction, I think it’s fair. “Punctuate with your voice. Use the proper speech I taught you. […]

Yes you can pour Assiut Fabric

I needed to make a costume for myself soon as I had a belly dance performance coming up. I opened the dusty Ziploc bag and poured out the contents. Yes you can pour Assiut fabric. I found the material was torn, worn, and even cut but this was special. I didn’t know much about it […]

You will know what to do with this ~ Jan

A few years ago I was handed a dingy old plastic bag with something sparkly and fluid in it.  My friend Jan, a retired antiques dealer said, you will know what to do with this.  The bag contained a very old brownish faded net with metal patterns woven into it from either the 1920’s or […]