Starlin's Braids

Master Braid Stylist – Northern California Renaissance Faire, Adorn Thy Hair

Price List:

Single – $25
Double – $27
Partial – $20 – 25
Partial Fancy – $27 – 30
Triple Coil -$30
Ornate – $30 on up
(One of a kind hair art created to best suit your face and profile, (The 360 Degree View)
The best way to order an ornate braid is to tell me what you want to spend and I work to that end). You get the better end of that bargain as this puts me in creation mode.

Braid Intensives: Classes created for groups of up to 25 people
Please inquire about pricing

I would be delighted to schedule something for you, please contact me

 On location hair braiding:

Historic styles based on elements of paintings, cosmetology techniques, and artistic movement to provide an individual beauty experience

Come and see me on location I’m happy to take requests

Northern California Renaissance Faire – September – October

The Great Dicken’s Christmas Fair – November – December


  1. Attorney on the train · · Reply

    Auntie M! I met you on the train the other yesterday! These braids are gorgeous!! I think you said you don’t use your rocketmail email address anymore? I would really love it if you could braid my hair for burningman (the theme is based on Leonardo Di Vinci)!! Reach out if you get this please!

    1. Hello I’m catching up on my unattended site. I’m back in that practice now. I finally got your message in 2017. Fancy that!

      I would have loved to do your hair at the time but never saw your note. Try again this year if you like.

      My very best to you,


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