Do I know what I’m in for?

When you say yes to Davina it’s almost a sure bet you are delighted with the results of saying it. You never do know quite what you are getting into. We met again when I had heard she had this amazing book project that she was doing and I had missed her talk on the subject. I was invited to tea. That seems very nice, I thought and then she showed me her project. We sipped English tea and chatted. I had wanted to show her something I had done that she might enjoy, that was it and have tea. That did happen. It was my love of the fabric from Egypt and its history that made me cover a bra with it and I wanted to share that with a friend that might appreciate the work taken to make it. Then she told me all about Assiut and her book. Meanwhile, that first day sipping tea and talking art and design, a man in Egypt phoned her and said, are you the chick writing the book on Assiut? Yes she is that person. I think that day she was proclaimed world famous. So this Assuit book project, The Cloth of Egypt, All About Assiut became a wonderful thing to be part of and look forward to. I would get a text saying, can you do lunch tomorrow? We can talk about the next steps for the book. Can you do the hair for a photo shoot on Sunday? I repeatedly said yes and I’m so glad that I did. For those just starting to read my blog or curious ones, Assiut is a place in Egypt that has been making delightful shawls and garments from cotton mesh and metal pressed stitches that depict scenes of all sorts. You may be asking questions that many people who have seen this fabric and loved it at the first would. Since when have they been making this? What do the symbols mean? What is the history of such a prize? Davina has answered some of these questions in person at talks or in her Special Edition of Costumer’s Notes (attached here for your reading pleasure). I had no idea that I would be as involved as I am. I’m so glad I said yes. She has even written an article about my design work. Well, as I said that first tea turned into many more. The Magazine release meeting was over a pedicure with new plans for book chapter 3 or 5. I had simply offered to sew for the book on some projects she had in mind. I don’t think, even now, after spending over a year helping out on photo shoots, designing, sewing, modeling, and styling for the book, that I could tell you All About Assiut, The Cloth of Egypt but Davina can.

Davina’s Costumer’s Notes Special Edition – Assiut – Assuit – Asyut

Costumer's Notes Special Edition


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