Tales at Charles Dickens Fair, All in a Day

For anybody that does not know The Great Dicken’s Christmas Fair is in San Francisco once a year somewhere between, or if you like betwixt, Thanksgiving and Christmas and is based on Mr Dicken’s writings as the pages come alive in London during Queen Victoria’s reign.

How did the day start? As I was having the “best Chai in the World”, to me anyway and a sausage on a fork in costume. I met The… Kevin Paterson – Son of Phyllis Paterson, Founder and Dreamer of The first ever Renaissance Pleasure Faire and The Great Dicken’s Christmas Fair. Phyllis, THE Venarable Lady, who gave us an occupation in History. I said to my friend Clare whom I have known since 1994, have you actually met Kevin P? No. Well you are about to. He was very nice and asked where I had been hiding myself after telling him I’ve been at Faire for nearly 20 years now. I think I have a new Faire Friend. The Answer, hiding in the back of the braiding booth doing hair.

A very lovely young woman came to my braiding chair with a costume she had made herself. She asked me to do my liking but to make sure it would fit into the time period of Mr. Dickens. Here is what came of that artistic expression. Oh and please have a look at her own beautiful work on her dress.

My next braiding client to sit in my chair was my dear friend Davina. She bade me to do my liking on her hair as well. I decided on a braid that would accent her true classic Romanesque profile. As I work I pay attention to what someone’s hair is telling me and create from there. I often don’t have a plan all worked out. Her hair said, make a design you can see through. The pictures don’t show it but you could actually peer through her hair like a very large key hole. There’s a thought for later, noted, keyhole braid. See I’m just crazy with and about design. Here is what I was able to capture.

Braids, by the way. I had done a pretty challenging piece of braiding on another friend Laurie, The Mad Jeweler. Yes she is absolutely mad with her creations too. I have to include her link here. The Braid was based on Steampunk, Dickens and making the hair bullet proof as I say. A note on Bullet Proof. Hair that stays so well you can do the polka in it for hours. Again all in a day, one of my favorite photographers, Andy Stewart came by and said he may have captured my braid on Laurie in his little black camera box. Oh joy I can’t wait to see what he caught.

Braiders were handing out my own business cards to clients living in the South Bay.
I feel so supported in my decision to make rather than produce.

That day I made very elegant introductions. If you know me that does not always go well.
I’ve introduced people who have been long time friends for a least a decade to each other. Well the true case is, I didn’t know how long they knew each other… Anyway, on with it. My dear friend Katherine Becvar of much alternative culture fame, Steampunk and Burning Man, also known very lovingly and aptly as Katherine The Great was drooling over a set of costumes made of multiple tapestries, that same woman who made them was drooling over Katherine’s work, Pocket Belts. I walked from that happy cluster after elegant introductions letting them each know of their mutual interests, saying I leave you to admire one another. Job done.

Saw some amazing belly Dance and got pointers from Davina, Author Belly Dancer, Costume Designer, on dance styles and personal go to moves. My dance family invited me to dance with them. I declined for the moment but feel so loved.

Got information on the latest projects I’ve agreed to take on and met the right contact with all the information that I was looking to get. That’s a secret until later.

Saw some wonderful friends and said goodbye for another year. It took two hours to
actually leave the building for all the hugs and love I shared. A major highlight was receiving a beautiful oil lamp made by another of my dear and gifted friends, Lodema The Potter. That was my last Dicken’s goodbye for the season. Then I drove down 280 without a hitch, almost never accomplished and met up with my beloved family away from family, The Macs. That group is blogtastic. I’ll have to do a piece on them soon.


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