The Chant

Creative, honest, hardworking, detail oriented, thinks outside the norm…. I watched as my now cliché terms were rattled off in order as I would say them, just before my interview with the recruiter. Incidentally, Google says these terms should never be used unless you can back them up and most recruiters agree.  The interviewee did not and was rewarded for her recital with an immediate job placement. My interview was met with inattention rudeness and texting. Generally I was blown off by the young recruiter as I was interviewing I thought pretty well, given that the terms I could back up with examples had to be nixed.  It was then that I started my internal chant once again. Please let me work with an understanding boss that appreciates me, deals fairly, and pays me appropriately, for what I do well.  At the time I had one of those but his project was now closing down.  My project was to reduce the size of the office among my other duties like setting up an industry conference booth for the company with engineers that had never participated in a conference in Las Vegas. Reducing an office takes a lot of effort, almost as much as opening a new one. I had all the contacts to do it and I did it well, increase or reduce I had already moved one organization office three times and a few other companies to boot. This time it was going better than usual but my days were numbered. Please, please let me find the right situation and the rest of that chant came as I worked for that CEO and others for the next few years. All the while there was this tiny thought in my mind. Well you could work for her again, nothing doin, she’s tough and does not let me rest much among other things. Well it’s not like that last guy who prided himself on getting people to work for free and showing his engineers. The chant went this way for a while, Please let me do what I do best and get paid for it. Finally I’ve given in after all this time. I’m working for that woman again.  At first when I met her in this capacity as boss she was very young and hardly knew what to do other than create.  She knew little of marketing and business or getting paid properly. Now I know better and I have a lot to offer.  That woman finally has a title that fits her, Creative Entangler given to me by a good friend but that’s another story for another time.



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