Specifically speaking on Specifics

Specifics: “Be specific” Father would say. “Be clear in what you are asking for. Don’t interrupt when people are speaking”.  Let me interrupt that thought for minute, if individuals are a living run on sentence and don’t allow for interaction, I think it’s fair. “Punctuate with your voice. Use the proper speech I taught you. Once you have someone’s attention make it brief.  Don’t bother people with your opinion.” This is how I got the speech impediment that I had as a girl and ended up sounding much like Colin Firth in The King’s Speech, wonderfully acted by the way. That brings to mind my theory on actors. Some of the really good ones have a stammer or stutter if they don’t have a script prompting them.  I can name a few.  I have since toned it down to pauses in speech.  If very pressed my stutter can rear it’s ugllllly head. Luckily that does not appear in the written word too often.  How does this apply to from Corporate to Creative? Honestly I can be quite shy and writing a blog is almost as much of a challenge as being recorded on a Dictaphone, as I was for five plus years or meeting a room full of people you don’t know.  Not to mention small talk or performing. Yes in the financial world they record everything you say for accuracy and polite behavior, with brokers who aren’t often.  Anyway…specifics and using them. I realize that my writing style is sort of jazz or butterfly like.  It goes directionally on its own merry way.  Some think my writing is like that of old and some find it just plain stuffy or condescending.  I have some friends that feel if the word was removed from Webster’s don’t use it.  With that in mind there are words that are still in my vocabulary and I don’t even think of looking them up because let’s face it it’s a word.  It’s my vocabulary.  It’s how I think and speak most of the time, no condescension is intended.  I was told long ago if you can write like you speak it’s pretty good.  If you write as you think it’s much better.  My punctuation needs work I know. Thank goodness I have a grammarian to help with some hard bits and the internet to make sure I’m spelling Colin properly, but there it is. This is me. If I ask about content and will this offend anybody, I mean that.  If I ask about punctuation I’m not asking if you liked the content or just in general what you think and should it go out without your rewrite.  Once I thought I had written the best business letter, my boss at the time asked me to create that draft for him. A day later I expected to see that document with his changes, I didn’t anticipate many and I wanted it back to keep.  He showed me the trash bin with my deflated and crumpled letter.  He said my writing was good but not great and this is what he had gone through with his boss, now our director of the organization, to improve upon his writing style.  My boss did like my whimsical way of writing just not for business.  After all that is said I humbly present my spiral style of the written word.   I might just be a hold back from the past or as someone once said, a period piece.
If I can do all that then this ole bloggety blog must be an easy thing…Right?

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  1. Mark Scott · · Reply

    Very well written and the most interesting thing I’ve read all week, thank you

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